About us

Who is Foundation Buki di Pret Aruba
Buki di Pret is a non-profit foundation which consists at the moment of 8 permanent volunteers who initialize and organize this yearly project. Besides this we recruit other volunteers for special tasks like translation, IT-support, customer service and distributing the books to the schools etc.

What is Buki di Pret
Buki di Pret is an annual free booklet full of fun activities and offers for the summer vacation. There are so many fun activities in Aruba! Not every parent or child in Aruba knows what there is to do and a lot of activities cost money. Money that is not always available.

That is why the Buki di Pret Aruba Foundation is taking the initiative to approach entrepreneurs, organizations and associations on the island to ask them to participate.  Participation means that you organize an activity for the kids and make a special offer or discount and pay us a small fee to cover the main costs.

We put all the activities together in our nicely designed Buki di Pret, visit all 49 Aruban schools and hand it out to the children. The result is a fun holiday for a lot of kids on Aruba! 

What is our goal?
To offer as many children on Aruba as possible in the age of 6 till 13 a fun summer vacation! The Buki di Pret Foundation wants children to do more fun things and discover their talents during the summer vacation. We do this by offering accessible activities and offers.

We wish everyone a great summer vacation!

Myrthe, Juliëtte, Kiki, Mandy, Lia, Kitty, Freddy & Sergio

Join our team as a volunteer

Due to some of the members leaving Aruba, we are looking for new members to join our core team to help create an unforgettable summer 2024! The core team is responsible for the whole process up to delivery of a fun-packed booklet for the Aruban children so they can spend their 2024 summer vacation in a fun and affordable way.

Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • acquisition of (new end existing) activities and negotiate deals with the organizations;
  • securing donors, sponsors and partnerships;
  • preparing accurate content for the actual booklet;
  • design and ensure printing;
  • transport and logistics of the books;
  • maintain contact with (all) elementary schools for distribution of the booklets;
  • maintain contact with and support the barios in organizing participation for children who have limited opportunities to enjoy our activities;
  • maintaining our website and social media;
  • maintaining our reservations systems;
  • PR and media representation;
  • staying within our budget.

Buki di Pret is run by volunteers. As such we try to distribute the tasks and activities to accommodate individual strengths and wishes. Some of us do a bit of everything, others stick to a niche. Find out what makes you tick! 

We meet once a month until December, from January to April we meet bi-weekly to discuss progress and work towards our printing deadline. We distribute the Buki’s in June. We need people with flexible availability.

We have a particular need for 1 of the new members to have knowledge and skills in graphic designs.

If you have interest to join our team, send an e-mail to aruba@bukidipret.com.