We are a foundation run entirely by volunteers. Read more about our foundation and what we try to achieve. 

 We are looking for new members to join our core team to help create an unforgettable summer 2024.

Get an overview of all the activities we organized this summer vacation on Aruba for kids age 6-13 years old. 

Do you have a question? We have the answer. Whether you are a parent, child or an organization. 

About us

Every child deserves a fun vacation

Buki di Pret believes that every child in the world will be a better person in their llater life, if they grow up in healthy, educational and fun environment. Vacation is a part of that. That is where Buki di Pret comes in.

What is Buki di Pret

Buki di Pret is an annual booklet full of fun activities and offers for the summer vacation. All 9.000 children between 6 and 13 years old, going to primary school, are receiving Buki di Pret. This happens a few weeks before the summer vacation starts.

Free booklet

Activities must be accessibel for as much children as possible. Most are even for free.

cheap activities

Activities must be accessibel for as much children as possible. A lot are even for free.

games & fun

The booklet also offers nice puzzels, games and coloring pages for the children.


Buki di Pret is a non-profit foundation run entirely by volunteers.

Would you like to help or sponsor?

Would you like to help us organize a kids activity on Aruba in the summer vacation? Or would you like to sponsor us?

Great! Please contact us. It’s win-win. Your brand will be seen by 9.000 children and their parents, caretakers and family. And together we can offer the children of Aruba more activities to explore on the island.

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